Movies and films with online dating in their story

Movies and films with online dating in their story

Online dating has been incorporated in our day to day lives and is now perceived as the norm. Unlike in the past years where you would get a lot of criticisms if you are on a dating site, in recent years online dating have become part of our day to day way of life ( The aspect of online dating has also been incorporated in movies and films.

Love movies and films

Unlike love movies and films in the 1930s where you could predict how the couples would meet each other. Hey, in 80% of these films couples met by bumping into each other. With online dating having gained much popularity in recent years, most love movies and films have incorporated the aspect in their storyline. More often than not couples get to know each other through an online dating platform where they fall in love and ride into the sunset together. It is more interesting to see a couple meet on an online dating platform other than the usual bumping into each other, right?

Action movies and films

It might get boring to watch an action movie or film that doesn’t have an incorporated love story. It is evident everybody wants to be love and be loved. Some of the most watched action movies have a love story, and, what best ways to have the couples get to know each other than online dating. It belongs to every action movie: a one-night-stand or a casual encounter. Irrespective of whether the aim is to create a sex scene or develop a love story, all this is possible by incorporating an online dating story line.

Horror movies and films

Horror movies/films and online dating? Yes! We all have to agree that most horror movies have a relatively similar plot, that is: meeting someone who pretends to be good but later ends up hurting you. In the recent past, horrors movies have included an online dating storyline in their plot, this, on the other hand, can be used as a warning to the users of the possibility of potential fakes.

The popularity of online dating can clearly be seen in the movies produced in recent years with most of them having an online dating storyline.