Risks of Online Dating in London

Risks of Online Dating in London

Online dating comes with its own set of rules and risks, apart from those in the traditional dating world. With online dating you never know who you’re talking to, what their intentions are, and if they have shady alternative motives. Yes, all of these come with traditional dating as well, but the risk is greater when people can hide behind a computer screen.

Who You’re Talking To

Online anyone can hide behind any pictures they choose. Some guys getting really strange, when looking for a fuck in London. Some people have even successfully tricked others into thinking they’re a celebrity! You can cross check pictures with reverse google image search, but even then, there’s a risk!

The term for using someone else’s pictures in this manner is called ‘catfishing’ and it is often done for money or material goods. But some people get a kick from emotionally catfishing others. Always guard yourself when you are talking to someone who has no intention of meeting in person.

Their Intentions

Catfishing is a shady intention, but it isn’t the only one to be weary of when dating online. Some people use online dating to lure others into unsafe situations. Watch out for red flags when chatting, and always arrange your first few meetings in a public place until you are comfortable with the person.

This is one of those risks that you face in on and offline dating. The best tip is to go with your gut and watch out for red flags. I even go as far as carrying pepper spray and not drinking with new people until I am comfortable.

Alternative Motives

Again, this is another one that you run the risk of online and with traditional dating. Some people are online looking for just a sugar daddy, on dating websites looking solely for sex in London, or a plethora of other alternative motives. When I bring this up, people say ‘it’s a risk of dating.’ Which is completely true!

This article isn’t to scare you off from online dating, but rather to make you aware of the risks. Everyone is aware of the risks you take with traditional dating, but the risks you take online aren’t discussed that often. Go with your gut, never send money to anyone, and always arrange an initial meeting in a public place!